Manpower service for heavy duty trucks and heavy equipments

Corrective maintenance

Lamda Teknik Mandiri provide manpower service for doing all repair jobs in all equipments such as: Traubel analysis, small repair, oil and lubricating change, tune up, engine top overhaul, engine full engine overhaul, transmission overhaul, final drive overhaul, body and cab repairing, under carriage replacement, solid tire changements, electrical circuit replacement/renewal/designed, hydraulic system overhaul, hydraulic circuit replacement/renewal, variants pump overhaul, air pressure system replacement, painting and body repair, electrical system repair. And for detail jobs please see the “equipment check list” and for all equipments please see “variant equipments” and for tools/special tools please see special tools list

Service contract
Lamda Teknik Mandiri also provide service contract based on limited period 1 year, 2 years and long period, especially for doing the jobs only for periodic service such as: Daily checking, weekly checking, monthly checking and annual checking for detail jobs please see “equipment check list”

Full maintenance contract
Lamda Teknik Mandiri also full maintenance contract in this case, we back up customer 100% for maintain their equipments so the customer can be focus do their core business. This kind of jobs we do not limited to periodic service and corrective service but also all jobs related with maintenance and repair. Term of contract is vary beginning from a year contract up to long term contract. For the details of jobs base on “equipment check list”

Renewal / Recondition
Lamda Teknik Mandiri offer our exciting customer to follow renewal their old and broken equipments, and we are very confident to make our customer’s equipment same as 90% new. The jobs included full engine overhaul, transmission overhaul, final drive overhaul, body and cab repairing, under carriage replacement, hydraulic system overhaul, hydraulic circuit replacement/renewal, air pressure system replacement, tire replace and body repair and we are sure after recondition jobs completed your equipments like new condition.

Machining and manufacturing
Lamda Teknik Mandiri provide the manufacturing jobs for the spare parts or material who has discontinue and also main parts of equipment to reduce cost such as: rod cylinder and cylinder of hydraulic equipments, engine block, transmission block, final drive and defferential housing, drive shaft, under carriage parts, sprocket. And not limited to equipment but all factory machine as well.

Equipment check list
See in other file (Microsoft excel-check list equipment)

Variant equipments
Lamda Teknik mandiri use to do the jobs for equipments such as:

a. Light trucks All brands
b. Heavy duty trucks All brands
c. Gen-Set All brands
d. Air compressor All brands
e. Turbine All brands
f. Forklift All brands
g. Wheel loader All brands
h. Bulldozer All brands
i. Excavator All brands
j. Scrapper All brands
k. Compactor All brands
l. Mobile cranes All brands
m. OVH and tower crane All brands

Special tools list

a. Standard tools
b. Heavy duty tools Completed
c. Measuring tools
d. Hydraulic tester Completed
e. Hydraulic jack Completed
f. Air pressing tools Completed
g. Welding tools Completed
h. Cutting tools
i. Grinding Machine
j. Lifting Tools
k. Tire Tools
l. Hydraulic pressing tools
m. Electrical tools

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